“Thank you so much for your help. I can’t tell you how happy my family and I are with Nick Cushing and Gayle Pownall. Gayle worked frantically behind the scenes, even running documents to the court house the day of trial. Nick was on point with his performance and representation of myself and he did it with class.”

— P.K.

"Never requiring any legal assistance up until the situation, I had no direction on who to contact other than a web search. After praying through the evening I connected with a long time friend in the morning who immediately directed me to Tom Bush. From placing of my initial call to the firm, through my entire process; professionalism, personable, attention for the details and demonstration of the depths of the law never waned. The attentiveness of keeping me informed on each step and the why's during the process, enabled me to know Tom, Jenna, Gayle and Alisha were shouldering the entire load. It truly has been a blessing for me to have this team address my situation, to which I am very thankful."

— G.L.

"Our experience with the Tom Bush Law office has been positive. We received feedback and updates on a timely basis and I believe the team of Rachel Rogers [Hamrick] and Alisha Rome were truly concerned for our family's best interests. Both were very professional and accessible throughout our 5 months of legal issues and made us feel as though we were friends and not clients. We would (and have) recommend their services in the future.

Thanks for all!"

— A. & S. F.

"I was in a desperate situation with no idea how to proceed. I had recently worked with an attorney on estate planning. During the process, I explained that I have a child in my life I love dearly who is not mine via biology and I want to be sure he’s well taken care of. With the estate planning done, I returned back to my day to day worries about the health and well-being of my child. The estate planning attorney recommended three domestic/family attorneys for me to use if needed. It turned out the need came sooner than I could have imagined. My child was in a desperate situation where his health and well-being was in jeopardy. Although I have no biological ties, I am his mommy. I called all three attorneys; the first said “make an appointment for about two weeks out” for a major fee; the second didn’t respond, and the third was Nick Cushing from the Tom Bush Law Group. His paralegal Gayle answered my call and we talked for quite some time. Nick called me back the same day and I was in their office ready to file the appropriate court documents within a day or two. The short story is that I not only got temporary custody of the child, but I am finally empowered to keep him safe and provide for his well-being; to be the protector and advocate I’ve always prayed to be. Every child deserves a chance at a good life…without Nick, Gayle and lots of prayer and help from the man upstairs; this one would have been lost. I highly recommend The Tom Bush Law Group for your family law needs. They are knowledgeable of the law and court system and strategic in their approach while considering the human factor. I couldn’t ask for a better experience."

— C.R.

"Tom Bush Law Group is one of the best law firms in the Queen City, period!

I worked with Nick Cushing for almost two years on my divorce case. I can't explain the peace of mind that comes with working with someone who is professional, knowledgeable and experienced. I have a new level of respect for attorneys who really look out for their clients. I had no doubts that Nick and his team were always looking out for my best interest as well as my children. I highly recommend this firm if you require legal assistance."

— A.W.

"When I first walked into Tom Bush Law Group I had no idea what to expect or had ever been under such circumstances where I needed to consult with a family law attorney. Now I have been a client of Tom Bush Law Group since April of 2012, I cannot speak more highly of the law group. The staff is extremely professional, very nice, and very responsive. Even more so, I cannot speak more highly of Attorney Nick Cushing. There were times where my circumstances were extremely stressful and I always felt like Nick was there for me. He would talk me through all of my concerns. Nick was always honest with me, not even once had he set any expectations just to make me feel better. He was very thorough and extremely knowledgeable of the law. He worked very diligently on my case. I truly believe that win or lose, if you are being represented by Tom Bush Law Group, your outcome will be better than being represented by any other family law firm."

— Y.F.

"Divorce is a hard storm to weather for most. Unfortunately, many such as myself, fall victim to bad lawyering. My divorce was dragging on and I would get bills in the thousands each month, with little or no progress. I finally decided to do something about it and called the TOM BUSH LAW FIRM.

I met with attorney Nicholas Cushing who was a God send. Within minutes of reviewing my large divorce file that clearly had run amuck, he realized that my current attorney made a huge error which would cost me from being denied alimony.

He jumped into action and the next day ran down to the courthouse to file papers to "fix" the error.

There are many lawyers in Charlotte and unfortunately far too many are not very good. If you want an attorney that is excellent and gives you individual attention to resolve your issues quickly and not prolong the process then Nicholas Cushing from the Tom Bush Law firm is your answer.

Thank you Nick for being my advocate and getting me the best possible outcome to bring my divorce to a quick and successful ending."

— A.W.

"EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE BY CARING AND SKILLED PROFESSIONALS – my experience with TBLG was delightful in all aspects. From appointment scheduling and office communications to executing things pertaining to my case, the personnel at TBLG were always courteous and efficient. The attorneys know the law well and how to maneuver properly through all stages of a case. Their communication skills (very important in letter writing, court proceedings and general contact with all involved parties) were outstanding. They went the extra mile for me even finding case law pertinent to an obscure issue in my case. On top of the wonderful service, the compassion they have for their clients is exemplary. They truly care about you and your case and are willing to fight for you. I found TBLG to be of immeasurable value to me and my family. Entrust them with your case and you too can benefit from having this extremely skilled and tenacious team on your side!"

— S.M.

"When I was referred to Deb Dilman by another family attorney in Charlotte, I was cautiously optimistic. Cautious, because I had spoken to several attorneys who were either unwilling or unable to help me - optimistic because she came highly recommended. My experience with Deb and her team far exceeded any expectation I might have had. My case was a difficult one, with many twists and turns and unforeseen setbacks. Through the entire process Deb never faltered or wavered in her support, hard work, and dedication. She truly treated us like family. We were all exhausted but ecstatic when the case finally came to a positive conclusion for us. Needless to say, I would highly recommend Deb Dilman and Tom Bush Law Group to anyone in need of a family law attorney."

— J.P.

"I’m not sure what I could ever say to or about Tom Bush and team that would covey my gratitude as he truly gave me back my life and the same for my two girls. Tom Bush recently settled my prolonged multi-year divorce (4 ½ years). Tom immediately recognized my husband’s “personality issues” and knew exactly how to navigate my husband’s revolving door of attorney’s (9+) and their tactics. TBLG - Tom, Nick, Jenna, Kimberlee were all fantastic – they stood by me, held my hand, answered my million questions and kept me informed. Their level of professionalism and tenacity never wavered even when I was wavering. They were always looking out for me, my girls, and truly had our best interest at heart. I can say this without any hesitation because day in and day out, nights, weekends, it didn’t matter – they did what was right and fought the good fight and we won. I would highly recommend this firm if you are just thinking about taking the next step and want advice or if you are ready - their skill set is invaluable."

— R.C.